Track (1/32 Ninco)

Parma - 25 Ohm Economy Controller for Ninco/Scalextri Sports Plug (Slot Cars)
This is a parma economy controller from parma that has plug on it to plug...
Ninco - NCO10401 - Double Power Terminal Track (Slot Cars)
This is a terminal track that is unique to noncom. This track allows you to...
Ninco - NCO10403 - Pole Position Electronic Lap Counter (Slot Cars)
This lap counter is electronic and connects to your existing Ninco Track....
Ninco - NCO10404 - Sprinter Electronic Lap Counter (Slot Cars)
This lap counter is photo electric with photo censors. It can be programmed...
Ninco - NCO10304 - Power Boost (Slot Cars)
This item is for 1/32 scale track and must be used with a Ninco Transformer.
Ninco - NCO10301 - Transformer (Slot Cars)
This is a 14.8 Volt Transformer. This transformer is the standard one that...
Ninco - Barrier Banners (Slot Cars)
Logo banners to hang on barrier rails.