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The Annual Butterball Slot Car Race of 1998:

The wacky slot car racers were out in full force for the Annual Butterball 4 wheeler ATV Thanksgiving slot car race at NCP. We raced 4 minute heats in this event. JC thought that slot car ATV's should be raced in adverse track conditions so he made the track icy slick with trinity turbo drops that were applied between each lane, and clay bumps applied to the main straight. These bumps had the champion thumpers dancing through the  course as they navigated around the slot car track. The slot cars that we raced were the 1/32 champion thumpers with group 10 motors and the SEC #32 ATV bodies.

slot car

The main attraction of this race was Rob Stienfurths camaflage, concourse winning, ATV slot car. This slot car was sideways most of the time. (please note the dear in front of the ATV)

Rob Stienfurth holds his concourse winning slot car for a picture. Rob won a can of corn and two turkey legs for his paint job.
slot car
slot car
At the end of the race Nate Wahl was the slot car race winner. He was the overall lap leader and received a Butterball turkey as a prize. John Humberger brought home second place and Bill Jones came in a close third. I would like to thank everyone that attended this slot car race event and JC for creativity that never ends. What will he come up with next????


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