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10/24/99 $100 Parma FCR Slot Car Race Results:

(A Main forthe 4 1/2 FCR Slot Car Race)

On October24, 1999 North Coast Performance Hobbies held a $100.00 Parma FCR slot car race on our oval. This race kicked off the 1999/2000 racing season for North Coast Performance Hobbies.

The cars that were run in this race were the 4 1/2 Parma FCR slot cars with 16d motors. All of the slot car motors were handed out before the race and were numbered and dyed. The only car modifications acceptable for this race were that the racers could add lead, make the front wheels independent, and change the crown gear. All slot cars had to run an 8-tooth pinion to ensure the closest racing possible.

(The Top Eight Cars Before the A Main)

The A Main for this slot car race turned out to be very exciting and contained plenty of close racing action. The slot car drivers all maintained their tempers while navigating around the oval. The top 3 drivers in this slot car race were with in 10 laps. After the final results were tallied, Rob Steinfurth, also the concourse winner of the day came out on top with his Home Depot 4 1/2 FCR NASCAR slot car. Brad Gilbert ended up in second, Adam Buchanan in Third, and Tom Zinninger in fourth place. The winner of this race, Rob Steinfurth, won $100.00 in cash, a trophy, and a plaque. Second, Third, and Fourth place each received a gift certificate and a plaque.

The Final 4 slot car racers from left to right, Adam Buchanan (3rd), Rob Steinfurth( 1st),
Brad Gilbert (2nd), & Tom Zinninger (4th)

This was the first race in the 1999/2000 slot car points series at North Coast Performance Hobbies. The slot car drivers were trying to rack up points for the grand prize of $600.00 in product from NCP Hobbies. Each of our monthly $100.00 races are included in the slot car points series.  We would like to congratulate Rob for a job well done and warn him that the others will be out to get him in the next race.

(RobSteinfurth's 1st Place & Concourse Winning Slot Car)

We would like to thank everyone who showed up for this race, we hope that you had a good time. We hope to see all of you at the Great Pumpkin Slot Car Race on 10/31/99.


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