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6/23/99 Mid Ohio Slot Car Field Trip Race:

Mid Ohio Slot Car Racer Summer Field Trip

This years ncphobbies slot car summer field trip tested both a slot car racers ability to drive and their ability to withstand the heat watching a real race at a near by race track.

(The race on our 135 foot Hill Climb)

This years event started off with a Parma International 32 slot car race on our 135 foot hill climb. This race consisted of 4 minute heats with a 2 minute intermission between the heats. The slot cars were raced stock with the pla-fit cheetah motor. The winner of the race, Andy Toth of Toledo Ohio, received a fully paid admission to the Can-Am USRRC & Trans-Am race at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH. The second place slot car race finisher, Ellis Raugh of Oak Harbor Ohio received $10.00 twords admission, and Third place Nate Wahl received $5.00 twords admission.

(The Top 3 Slot Car Racers From Left to Right -- Nate Wahl, Andy Toth, & Ellis Raugh)

Following the 8:00 A.M International 32 slot car race everyone loaded in to their cars and drove down to the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. We arrived at the race race track faced with blistering hot temperatures and the smell of car exhaust as the cars race around the 2 mile road course.

This race was our last major slot car race for the season. Our weekly race schedule will continue until for the rest of the summer. Our next big race is going to be a $100.00 FCR slot car race scheduled for October 24, 1999. This slot car race will feature FCR cars that are going to be raced on our oval. We hope to see you all there.


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The list of requests for a slot car racing photo album were getting to numerous to count so we had to take action. Here is a gallery of racing pictures both recent and historic at

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