Great Planes - GPMA0960 - Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Great Planes - Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider Kit (R/C Airplanes) GPMA0960
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Price: $69.98
Product ID : GPMA0960
Manufacturer: Great Planes



This is the radio controlled, Goldberg Gentle Lady Glider Kit.       
                For beginner to intermediate modeler/fliers.                  
FEATURES: 2 meter sailplane                                                   
          Wings: All wood high mount one-piece wing (optional removable wing  
          Instructions included for glow power (components must be purchased  
          Laser cut parts                                                     
          Warranty: Goldberg Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this      
            kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at        
            the date of purchase.                                             
INCLUDES: All wood to construct the airplane, pushrods,                       
            photo-illustrated instructions, full-size rolled plans.           
REQUIRES: 2 channel system with 2 standard size servos                        
          Two rolls of covering material                                      
          One box of #64 rubber bands                                         
          One sheet of ¼" foam rubber                                         
          Servos:  45 oz-in standard servo                                    
                      (1-elevator, 1-rudder,)                                 
SPECS:    Wingspan:        78.3"   (1988mm)                                   
          Wing Area:      663sq in (42.83sq dm)                               
          Flying Weight:   22-25oz (623g - 709g)                              
          Wing Loading:    4.77 - 5.42 oz/sq ft (14.6 - 16.5 gm/sq dm)        
          Fuselage Length: 41"     (1041mm)                                   
          Airfoil:  Flat-bottom airfoil                                       
          Center of Gravity:  3.5" - 3.75" (89mm - 95mm) back from leading    
            edge of wing at fuselage sides.                                   
          Control Throws-                                                     
            Elevator: Up & Down  3/8"  (9mm)                                  
            Rudder: Right & Left  1½" (38mm)                                  
COMMENTS: Electrical tape is used to hold the wing tips on when using the     
            removable wing tips.