Carrera RC - CAR162202 or 162200 - Spy Control Set w/Controller and Batteries (RC Car)

Carrera RC - CAR162202 or 162200 - Spy Control Set w/Controller and Batteries (RC Car)
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Price: $99.98
Product ID : CAR162202 0r 162200
Manufacturer: Carrera



Lots of action! Fun & Fascination: In full vision instead of 'Undercover': The Spy Control RC Street Car offers a very special kind of driving fun. The retractable police siren lights, switch operable siren, flashing head and tail lights in police mode are all programmed to ensure law and order prevail. Every time you grab the ergonomic two-hand control set it triggers a shot of pure adrenaline. Typical: The excellent finish and technical details. Interruption-free, frequency-independent 2.4 GHz technology and the new SERVO TRONIC steering make it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. In contrast to full function steering that allows the vehicle to be driven forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right, SERVO TRONIC facilitates multi-step steering and driving functions providing precise driving and steering in all directions. The Ready-to-Run concept includes a vehicle, control unit, lanyard, 2x AA batteries, a high power battery and turbocharger. Whenever you’re ready: Out of the box and away you go! Facts & Features: Car length: 31 cm Top Speed: up to 20 km/h max. Top Principle: Ready to Run Top Technology: 2,4 GHz Servo Tronic steering Splash Proof Front and Brake Light Police Lights Retractable Flashing Lights Siren (sound can be switched off) Top Function: Li-Ion high power battery: 7.4V - 700 mAh, Recharger: 8.4V - 500 mA Short recharging period - extremely long running times: Long running times up to 40 minutes Short recharging time approx. 1.20 hours