Great Planes - GPMA0510 - Dynaflite Super Decathlon Giant Scale Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Great Planes - Dynaflite Super Decathlon Giant Scale Kit (R/C Airplanes) GPMA0510
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Price: $199.98
Product ID : GPMA0510
Manufacturer: Great Planes



Dynaflite's Super Decathlon is an Easy to Build and Fly, High-Wing Airplane.
     This is for the Intermediate Modeler Making a Good 3rd or 4th Kit.       
     This Fun Scale Kit Is An Ideal Way To Get Into Building and Flying       
               Large Aircraft Through Loops, Rolls and Spins.                 
FEATURES: IMAA and IMAC Legal (see COMMENTS) with a 89" Wingspan              
          Crisp Die-Cutting For The All-Wood Parts Ensure Good Fits and Fast  
          Builds As Easily As Most .40 Size Sport Scale Kits, With A Mixture  
            Of Sport-Scale and Giant-Scale Building Techniques.               
          Three-Piece ABS Cowl and Wheel Pants Add Authentic Contours With    
            Minimal Shaping Work.                                             
          Lightweight and Able to Fly With A Wide Range Of Engines            
          Two-Piece Wing Design Using An Aluminum Wing Tube                   
          Semi-Symmetrical Selig 8036 Airfoil That Supports Excellent         
            Aerobatics As Easily As Stable Low-Speed Handling.                
          A Servo Compartment Near the Tail For Use In Counterbalancing Heavy 
          A 25cc Gasoline Engine Provides More Than Enough Power for Exciting 
          An Authentically Shaped Built-Up Tail Section Made By Laminating    
            Five Layers of 1/16" Balsa, Making It Strong But Light Weight.    
          Fully functional, structural wing struts (req'd esp if cloth covered)
INCLUDES: All The Wood To Build The Kit, ABS Cowling and Wheel Pants, Hardware
            Package, Clear Windscreen, Pre-Formed 3/16" Aluminum Landing Gear,
            Full Sized Rolled Plans, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Manual,    
            Paper/Aluminum Wing Tube, Nylon Strut Ends, Tailwheel Mounting    
REQUIRES: Engine: 1.08-1.8 (2-stroke) or 1.20-1.60 (4-stroke) Glow Engine or  
                  1.5-2.1 cid (25cc-35cc) Gasoline Engine (Gas: see COMMENTS) 
          Radio:  4+ Channel (see COMMENTS)                                   
          Servos: 6 (5-High Torque 50 oz-in Plus, 1-Standard for Throttle)    
          Servo Extension Wire (18"): 2 (2-Ailerons) (Kill Switch req'd for gas
          Y-Harness: 2 (1-Ailerons, 1-Elevator)                               
          Receiver Battery: 1000mAh                                           
          Covering: approx. Five 6-Foot Rolls                                 
           (Recommended Coverite 21st Century Fabric for Best Scale Appearance)
          Paint To Match Covering                                             
          Misc. Items: 16 to 24oz Fuel Tank, Standard Fuel Tubing, 3¼" Main   
            Wheels, 1½" Tailwheel, 1/8" & 5/32" Wheel Collars, 3/16" Axles,   
            20 Giant Scale Hinges, ¼" Foam Rubber, 3" Spinner.                
                   *Alum spinner recommended with gas engines.                
SPECS:    Wingspan: 89" (2261mm)            Wing Area: 1237 sq in (80 sq dm)  
          Weight:  16-18lbs (7258-8165g)    Wing Loading: 30-33 oz/sq ft      
          Length:   69" (1753mm)            Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical High-Wing
          Center Of Gravity: 3-3/8" Back From Leading Edge Of The Wing        
          Control Throws:        High Rate        Low Rate                    
          Ailerons: Up & Down     1¼"            5/8"                         
          Elevator: Up & Down     1½"              1"                         
          Rudder:   Left & Right  1½"              1"                         
          Cowling: Length, Firewall To Front: 6-3/8"                          
                   Height, Rear At Firewall: 7-7/8"                           
                   Height At Front: 5-3/4"                                    
                   Width At Rear:   6-3/8"                                    
                   Width At Front:  6-1/8"                                    
          Engine Down Thrust:  5°                                             
          Engine Right Thrust: 2°                                             
          Wing Incidence:     -2°                                             
          Stab Incidence:   -3.5°