House of Balsa - K22 Spacewalker .10 Size Kit (R/C Airplanes)

House of Balsa - K22 Spacewalker .10 Size Kit (R/C Airplanes) HOUA1022
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Price: $87.13
Product ID : HOUA1022
Manufacturer: House of Balsa



This is a Glow Powered, Radio Controlled, Aerobatic,              
        Schoolyard Scale .074-.10 Spacewalker Kit from House of Balsa.        
FEATURES: Laser cut inter-locking parts                                       
          All balsa and ply construction                                      
          Full size rolled CAD designed plans                                 
          Full color photo illustrated instructions                           
          Dubro hardware package included                                     
INCLUDES: All balsa and ply to build the kit, 1/16" aluminum landing gear,    
            hardware (pushrods and tubes, screws, clevises, fiberglass,       
            and wheel collars), full size plans and photo illustrated manual  
REQUIRES: Engine: .074-.10 2-Stroke                                           
          Radio:  2 Channel Standard                                          
             or   3-4 Channel with Micro Servos and Micro Receiver            
          Covering: Two 6 foot rolls                                          
          Misc. Items: 1.5" Spinner, 3/4" Tail Wheel, 2-3 oz Fuel Tank, Prop, 
            1-3/4" Wheels, 1/16" Wheel Collars, 2" scale Pilot, Building and  
            Field Equipment.                                                  
SPECS:    Wingspan:          47"                                              
          Wing Area:         329 sq in                                        
          Fuselage Length:   28-1/4"                                          
          Weight:            28 oz.                                           
          Wing Loading:      12.25 oz./sq. ft.                                
          Center of Gravity: 1.75" back from wing leading edge at fuselage.   
          Control Throws-                                                     
            Aileron:  3/16" up, 7/16" down                                    
            Elevator: 1/2" up and down                                        
            Rudder:   3/4" right and left