Dumas - Waco YMF5 BiPlane EP 35 Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Dumas - Waco YMF5 BiPlane EP 35  Kit (R/C Airplanes) DUMA1807
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Price: $55.78
Product ID : DUMA1807
Manufacturer: Dumas



This is the radio controlled, electric powered                   
               Dumas Waco YMF5 Scale Park Flyer Biplane Kit.                  
                     For intermediate modeler/fliers.                         
FEATURES: Construction: Laser cut balsa                                       
          Covering: Tissue                                                    
          Wheel Pants: Vacuum molded                                          
          Cowl/Radial Engine: Vacuum molded (non-functional)                  
          Landing Gear: .041" (1mm) diameter wire requires bending            
          Wheels: Two foam 1.75" (44mm) diameter main, one plastic .75" (19mm)
          Windshield: Flat plastic sheet                                      
          Decals: Two sheets with gold accents marked for accurate placement  
INCLUDES: Dumas Waco YMF5 Biplane Kit with covering tissue, decals, landing   
            gear, three wheels, instructions, two plan sheets                 
REQUIRES: Radio: 3-channel with micro receiver & two micro servos             
          Motor: Speed 280 w/2.8:1 or higher gear drive, GPMG0300, GPMG0204   
          Electronic Speed Control: 5A with BEC, GPMM2005                     
          Battery: 3-cell (11.1V) 640mAh LiPo                                 
          Battery Charger: LiPo compatible, GPMM3010                          
          Propeller: 9x4.7 electric, GWSQ2018                                 
          Building and field equipment                                        
SPECS:    Wingspan: 35" (889mm)                                               
          Length: 25" (635mm)                                                 
          Wing Area: 329 sq in (41.02 sq dm)                                  
          Center of Gravity: 3.2" (81mm) back from leading edge of wing at    
            fuselage size                                                     
          Motor Offset: 1° down thrust, 2° right thrust                       
          Control Throws-                                                     
            Elevator: .6" (15.2mm)                                            
            Rudder: 1.2"  (30mm)