Multiplex USA - Fun Jet RxR (R/C Airplanes)

Multiplex USA - Fun Jet RxR (R/C Airplanes) MPUA2613
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Price: $178.23
Product ID : MPUA2613



 This is a Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, Receiver Ready          
                   Foam Construction, Multiplex FunJet.                       
               This model features a rear mounted motor design.               
FEATURES: Construction, Elapor foam, white in color                           
          Wings: Elapor foam construction, white in color                     
          Radio compartment: Elapor foam construction, white in color         
          Servos: Two nano size                                               
          Motor: Himax 2825-2700 motor, factory-fitted and wired              
          Electronic Speed Control: MULTIcont BL-37                           
          Canopy: Elapor foam construction, white in color                    
          Landing gear: None, model should be hand launched and belly landed  
          Hardware: Pushrods, hook and loop material, screw lock connectors,  
           and other miscellaneous hardware inlcuded                          
          Motor Mount: Black plastic construction with adjustable motor thrust
          Elevon control                                                      
          Fiberglass wing spar: 22.5" (571mm) long by .25" (6.35mm) diameter  
INCLUDES: Foam fuselage; wing panels; turtle deck; canopy; and fins, two wire 
           pushrods (1mm (.039") diameter), fiberglass wing spar, plastic servo
           fairings, motor mount, hardware kit, decals, illustrated assembly  
           instructions, two servos, propeller, motor and ESC                 
REQUIRES: Battery - 3 cell 2100-3200mah LiPo pack (may require a              
           mating connector for the speed control - WSDM1302)                 
          Charger: LiPo compatible                                            
          Radio: Minimum 3 channel with elevon mixing                         
SPECS:    Wingspan: 31.29" (795mm)                                            
          Wing Area: 232 sq in (15 sq dm)                                     
          Weight: 21oz (620g)                                                 
          Length: 29.52" (750mm)                                              
          Propeller: APC 5.5 x 4.5"                                           
          Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical, mid wing                                 
            at the fuselage sides.                                            
            Elevons: Up: .47" (12mm)     Down: .39" (10mm)