Multiplex USA - DogFighter Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Multiplex USA - DogFighter Kit (R/C Airplanes) MPUA4250
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Price: $128.63
Product ID : MPUA4250



This is the radio controlled, electric powered,                
                   DogFighter Airplane Kit from Multiplex.                    
                    For intermediate to advanced fliers.                      
FEATURES: Construction: Elapor foam                                           
          Wing: One-piece, detachable for easy transport                      
          Aileron Control: Dual servo                                         
          Spinner: Elapor foam, 2.5" (63.5mm) diameter, black in color        
          Decals: Two sheets, "Racer" or "Fighter" designs                    
INCLUDES: DogFighter Airplane Kit with Spinner, two Decal Sheets, Linkages,   
            Hardware and Instruction Manual                                   
REQUIRES: Radio: 6-channel                                                    
          Servos: Three micro (2-aileron, 1-elevator) one for optional rudder 
            control if desired                                                
          Extensions: Two 6" (150mm)                                          
          Motor: Brushless, Multiplex makes a Brushless Motor Power Pack      
            (MPUM9250) that includes a Himax Outrunner Brushless Motor with   
            Mounting Hardware, ESC and 10x7 prop specifically for this kit    
            Note, if using this Power Pack, three 4mm Female Bullet Connectors
            (GPMM3119) must be soldered to the ESC motor leads to connect the 
            ESC to the existing connectors on the motor                       
          Battery: 3S LiPo, at least 2200mAh                                  
          Battery Charger: Comptible with selected battery                    
          Connector for ESC to mate with selected battery, see COMMENTS       
          Field equipment                                                     
SPECS:    Wingspan: 35" (889mm)                                               
          Wing Area: 296 sq in (19.12 sq dm)                                  
          Wing Loading: 14.6oz/sq.ft (42.7g/                            
          Fuselage Length: 32" (813mm)                                        
          Weight: 30oz (850.4g)                                               
          Center of Gravity (CG): 2.7" (68mm) from the leading edge of the    
            wing at the fuselage side                                         
          Control Throws-                                                     
            Elevator, Up and Down: 0.27" (7mm)                                
            Rudder, Left and Right: 0.79" (20mm)                              
            Ailerons, Up 0.55" (14mm), Down 0.31" (8mm)