GWS - GWS-262 EDF64-BL2028 White Kit (R/C Airplanes)

GWS - GWS-262 EDF64-BL2028 White Kit (R/C Airplanes) GWSA1202
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Price: $122.76
Product ID : GWSA1202
Manufacturer: GWS



This is the radio controlled, electric powered, foam construction       
              GWS-262 Airplane Kit with the EDF64 Brushless Power System.     
                            For Advanced Pilots.                              
FEATURES: Construction: White colored foam wing and tail sections with two-   
            piece fuselage                                                    
          Wings: One piece, foam construction                                 
          Radio Component Placement: Accessible over wing                     
          Power System: EDF64 with preinstalled Gray ducts and wiring harnesses
          Landing Gear: .08" (2mm) diameter prebent main and tail wire        
            prebent wire                                                      
          Wheels: Foam, two 2" (51mm) diameter main, 1.75" (38mm) tail-ultra  
            lightweight design                                                
          Hardware: Included                                                  
          Aileron Control: Dual servo                                         
          Warranty: GWS, guarantees this kit free from defects in both        
           materials and workmanship at the date of purchase                  
INCLUDES: Foam wing and tail sections, 2mm diameter wire landing gear, three  
            ultra light wheels, clear plastic nose cone, decals, two-piece    
            fuselage, power Y-harness, hardware and instruction manual        
REQUIRES: Speed Control: Two GWESC 25A (GWSM2201) or 25A equivalent           
          Battery: 11.1V 1300-2200mAh LiPo or (GPMP0719)                      
          Charger: Lipo Compatible.                                           
          Radio: 3-4 channel (FUTJ36**) with four micro servos  (1-elevator,  
            1-rudder, 2-aileron)                                              
          Y-Harness: One for aileron servos                                   
          Building and field equipment                                        
SPECS:    Wingspan: 41.34" (1050mm)                                           
          Wing Area: 263.5 sq in (17 sq dm)                                   
          Weight: 24.7 - 27.9oz (700 - 790g)                                  
          Wing Loading: 13.5 - 15.3 oz/sq.ft (41.2 - 46.5 g/            
          Length: 33.6" (853mm)                                               
          Airfoil: Flat bottom, low wing placement                            
          Center of Gravity: 3.1" (80mm) behind leading edge of wing          
          Control Throws-                                                     
            Elevator: Up & Down 30-35°                                        
            Aileron: Up & Down 30-30°                                         
            No range given for rudder