Parts (1/32 Slot Sports)

Slotsports - Neodinium Traction Thin Tweeker Magnet, .400x.200x.050 (Slot Cars)
A magnet for your 1/32 slot cars from Slotsports.
Slotsports - Tuning Lead (Slot Cars)
Lead weight to fine tune the handling of your 1/32 slot car.
Slot Sports - 3/32 ball bearings (1 pair) (Slot Cars)
3/32 axle ball bearings. Require use of Slick 7 ss-5 or Slot-it Hollow axle
Slot Sports - AXLE SPACER, .005" SSTL. (Slot Cars)
Stainless steel axle spacer for very fine spacing of the rear end. Super...
Slot Sports - MACHINED ALUMINUM TUBE SPACER - .100 (Slot Cars)
For eliminating big spaces on the rear end or spacing the wheels out. Made...
Slot Sports - POLYMER AXLE SPACERS (Slot Cars)
Polymer spacer for coarse spacing.