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HO (1/64) Slot Car Store

HO Slot Cars:
HO (1/64) slot cars are the smallest category of slot cars, about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long.   Click Here to learn more about this exciting family hobby.


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HO Slot Car - Race Sets (All Sets)
HO Slot Car - Cars (All Cars)

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3R (HO Slot Cars)

Tires (1/64 3R)
AJ's (HO Slot Cars)

AJ's Bodies
AJ's Donuts
AJ's Hubs
AJ's Tires & Hubs
AJ's Tires
AJ's Miscellaneous

American Line (HO Slot Cars)

Aurora G-Plus Parts
Aurora Magnatraction Parts
Aurora Non-Magnatraction Parts
Aurora Screecher Parts
Aurora Specialty & Dragster Parts
Aurora Super II Parts
Aurora Super Magnatraction Parts
Aurora T-Jet Car Kits
Aurora T-Jet Parts
Aurora Tuff Ones Parts
Aurora Gears
Other Parts
Aurora Painted Bodies
American Line Tires
Aurora (HO Slot Cars)

Aurora Race Sets
Aurora Cars
Aurora Track
Aurora Big Rider Track
Aurora Bodies
Aurora Lazer Track
Lock & Joiner Track & Accessories
Aurora Magnatraction Parts
Aurora Rolling Chassis
Aurora Speed Steer Track
Aurora Super G-Plus Parts
Aurora Super Magnatraction Parts
Aurora Thunder Jet Parts
Aurora Ultra 5 Track
Aurora Xlerator Slotless Track

Autoworld (HO Slot Cars)

Autoworld Race Sets
Autoworld Cars
Autoworld Accessories

Bauer (HO Slot Cars)

Bauer Painted Bodies
Bodies (HO Slot Cars)

Custom 64th (1/64 Bodies)
HO Express (1/64 Bodies)
Lancer (1/64 Bodies)
Madd (1/64 Bodies)
Nurora (1/64 Bodies)
Parma (1/64 Bodies)
Rhino (1/64 Bodies)
Rothwell (1/64 Bodies)
Scale Auto (1/64 Bodies)
Thunderbold (1/64 Bodies)
ThunderRoad (1/64 Bodies)
TOP (1/64 Bodies)
BSRT (HO Slot Cars)

BSRT Armatures
BSRT Bodies
BSRT Body Accessories
BSRT Chassis
BSRT Electrical Parts
BSRT G-Jet Parts
BSRT Gears
BSRT Magnets
BSRT T-Jet Part
BSRT Tires
BSRT Tools

Controllers (HO Slot Cars)

Cidex Controllers
Difalco Controllers
Jaygee Controllers
JS Controllers
Parma Controllers

EIEIO (HO Slot Cars)

EIEIO Drag Bodies
EIEIO GTP Indy Bodies
EIEIO Stock Bodies
Lifelike (HO Slot Cars)

Lifelike Race Sets
Lifelike Cars
Lifelike Twin Pack Cars
Lifelike Adaptors
Lifelike Bodies
Lifelike Parts
Lifelike Track

Mattel (HO Slot Cars)

Mattel Cars
Mattel Bodies
MEV (HO Slot Cars)

MEV Cars

Model Motoring (HO Slot Cars)

Model Motoring Cars
Professor Motor (HO Slot Cars)

Professor Motor Controllers
Professor Motor Controller Parts
Professor Motor Decals
ProTech (HO Slot Cars)

ProTech AFX Electrical Parts
ProTech Lifelike Electrical Parts
ProTech T-Jet Electrical Parts
ProTech Tyco Electric Parts
ProTech Other Electrical Parts
ProTech Miscellaneous Parts

Rokar (HO Slot Cars)

Rokar Race Sets
Rokar Parts
Rokar Track
Scalextric Micro (HO Slot Cars)

Scalextric Race Sets (1/64 Micro)
Scalextric Cars (1/64 Micro)
Scalextric Parts (1/64 Micro)
Scalextric Track (1/64 Micro)

ThunderJet (HO Slot Cars)

T-Jet Cars
T-Jet Parts
Tomy (HO Slot Cars)

Tomy Race Sets
Tomy SRT Cars
Tomy Mega G Cars
Tomy Super G+ Cars
Tomy Turbo Cars
Tomy Track
Tomy Bodies
Tomy Mega G Parts
Tomy SRT Parts
Tomy Super G+ Parts
Tomy Turbo Parts

Tools (HO Slot Cars)

Miscellaneous (1/64 Tools)
Presses & Pullers (1/64 Tools)
Setup Blocks (1/64 Tools)
Wrenches (1/64 Tools)
Tyco (HO Slot Cars)

Tyco Race Sets
Tyco 440X2 Cars
Tyco Car Twin Packs
Tyco HP7 Cars
Tyco TCR Cars
Tyco Other Cars
Tyco Cars
Tyco 440 & 440X2 Parts
Tyco Bodies
Tyco Controllers
Tyco HP7 Parts
Tyco Miscellaneous Parts
Tyco TCR Track
Tyco Track
Tyco Train Track
Tyco Tune Up Kits
Tyco US Trucking

Wizzard (HO Slot Cars)

Wizzard Cars
Wizzard Armatures
Wizzard Bodies
Wizzard Chassis
Wizzard Decals
Wizzard Electrical Parts
Wizzard Front End Parts
Wizzard Gears
Wizzard Magnets
Wizzard Patriot Parts
Wizzard Rear Tires
Other HO Slot Car Items:

Display Cases
Slide Guides
Super Tires
HO Slot Car Books
HO Slot Car Magazines