Futaba - 10-Channel Radio, R3110DPS Synth Heli 72MHz MD2, No Servo (R/C Radios)

Futaba - 10-Channel Radio, R3110DPS Synth Heli 72MHz MD2, No Servo (R/C Radios) FUTJ9151
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Price: $615.99
Product ID : FUTJ9151
Manufacturer: Futaba



This is the Futaba 10 CH 10 Channel RC System                 
                          with the R3110DPS Receiver.                         
                              No servos included.                             
This version is Mode 2-Left Hand Throttle and Right Hand Elevator, USA Standard
   This is the helicopter version which will default to helicopter settings,  
                 with mode 2 stick operation when powered up                  
                   and has a non-ratcheted throttle stick.                    
FEATURES: Futaba's FASST (Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology) shifts  
            very quickly virtually eliminating signal conficts and            
            interruptions unlike other 2.4GHz systems that only stay on one   
            or two frequencies                                                
          Enhanced airplane, heli and glider software                         
          Big 160 x 72 LCD with backlighting, adjustable contrast and auto-off
          15 model memory (expandable with optional camPACs)                  
          Smart Switch Technology (SST) logic switches allows activation of a 
            functon when specific switch and/or stick positions occur         
          Modes 1-4 selectable, modes 3-4 programmable                        
          Assignable functions/switches                                       
          Six programmable mixes (4 linear/(2) w/5-point curves               
          Accepts separate gyro sensitivity, governor speed and servo travel  
            rates for up to 4 flight modes and automatically changes all three
            when flight mode changes                                          
          Eight factory defined mixes: Hover-Throttle, Hover-Pitch, Throttle- 
            Needle, Governor, Offset, Revo (5pt) Delay and Throttle Mix (ail/ 
          Gyro menu                                                           
          Eight swash plate types with graphics                               
          Swash Plate AFR                                                     
          Four 7-point throttle curves and five (including throttle hold)     
            7-point pitch curves                                              
          Adjustable High/Low pitch setting                                   
          Two independent gyro settings                                       
          Three adjustable Idle-up conditions                                 
          "Full Functionality" trainer system (trainer cord not included)     
          One year limited warranty                                           
INCLUDES: 10C Transmitter                                                     
          TP-FSM RF Module                                                    
          R3110 DPS 10 channel Receiver                                       
          NT8S700B 700mAh Transmitter Battery, FUTM1460                       
          FBC-19B4 120V AC TX, RX Wall Charger, FUTM1830                      
          Switch Harness                                                      
          9" Aileron Extension, FUTM3910                                      
          Neck Strap, FUTM5690                                                
REQUIRES: Servos depending on type of aircraft                                
SPECS:    Transmitter;                                                        
            Power Supply: 9.6V NT8S700B NiCd battery                          
            Intermediate Frequency: 10.7MHz & 455kHz                          
            Power Requirement: 4.8V NiCd battery                              
            Current Drain: 40mA                                               
            Size: 1.27 x 2.17 x 0.80" (32.2 x 55.2 x 20.3mm)                  
            Weight: 1.25oz (35.5g)                                            
            Channels: 10