Fox Bodies - 12FOXBODIES - Unique Twelve 4 inch wheelbase painted and clear 1/24 Slot Car Bodies (slot car)

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12 1/24 Slot Car Bodies 4 clear and 8 painted Now some of these bodies ( a couple are JK Vipers) are unique in the fact that there specially molded for a FOX Pwr Rangers Nasc Tour where we took one of our tracks to different cities for the promotion of that new cartoon. (You can see in our site pictures a few of the events) We had these molded by a guy out in Calif don't remember his name and they were painted by Robby Racer of Toledo one of our racers, these 12 are what spares were left over, again just collecting dust (a lot of dust around here) So in closing these are 4 inch wheelbase strange bodies some one of a kind (very cool) all new in great shape only one is trimmed out for mounting the others untrimmed