Artesania Latina - LATB2905 -1/87 Santa Ana (wooden ships models)

Artesania Latina - LATB2905 -1/87 Santa Ana  (wooden ships models)
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This is the Latina 1/87 scale Santa Ana Ship Kit The Santa Ana was built at El Ferrol (Spain) in 1784. She was a prototype of a series of 8 ships and carried 112 guns. In Trafalgar (1805), she fought against the Royal Sovereign. After more than 3 hours fighting, with over 100 men killed, her rigging destroyed and surrounded by many British ships, she surrended. But, during the heavy storm that followed the battle, her crew seized her and the Santa Ana arrived in Cadiz. FEATURES: Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings. and hinges Highly detailed brass bow (figurehead) and stern parts Detailed construction methods allow modeler to form the hull by attaching planking strakes to the false keel and frames. Modeler will want to file and sand the whole hull until you have a compact and smooth surface. Also, each mast and yard arm are hand sanded to the correct shape. All deck accessories must be built, painted, or stained for added realism. Taking the time to do the detail work will give, a truly realistic boat model and very rewarding building experience for the modeler. INCLUDES: One Latina 1:87 scale Santa Ana 1784 ship kit. All fittings, riggings, deck and hull planking strakes, masts, bowsprit, brass stern moldings, 12-spools of rigging thread, pre-sewn sails, decal sheet, die-cut sheet showing all die-cut parts, photo illustrated instruction manual REQUIRES: Varnish, paint, wood putty, carpenter's glue, contact glue, CA glue debonder, sandpaper, and other miscellaneous building tools. SPECS: Length: 1250mm (49.21") Height: 950mm (37.40") Beam: 450mm (17.71") Scale: 1:87 = (1/7" = 1 FT) COMMENTS: Some additional tools that might be helpful to the modeler. Spring tension pliers Brush (fine) Hand Drill (HCAR0696) Plank bender (LATR7550) If paint or varnish is desired for this model, the Humbrol Super Enamel series can be found under the ARXR prefix. JiM 4.3.07 ir/jxs BOX DIMENSIONS: 25.13" W. X 5.13" H. X 33.13" L. BOX WEIGHT: 27.74 LBS. ACCESSORIES THIS IS THE 1/87 SCALE SANTA ANA 1784 STATIC MODEL KIT. FEATURES: DIFFERENT COLORED RIGGING THREAD, AFRICAN WALNUT, RAMIN, MAHOGANY & PLYWOOD, BRASS DECK FITTINGS, CLOTH SAIL AND FLAG MATERIAL, ILLUSTRATED INSTRUCTIONS REQUIRES: TOOLS, CONTACT GLUE, CA GLUE & SANDPAPER