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Tomy AFX International 4 Lane Race Set:

The Tomy International 4 Lane Race Set is one of a kind.  It offers you a 4 lane HO Scale race set that includes 4 cars, 4 controllers, 2 power packs, and 25 feet of 4 lane track.  If you set this track up as a 2 lane race set you will have 50 running feet of track.  With this set you are able to make 17 different F1 layouts from around the world or you can design your own layout.  On any of the HO scale slot car racing sets you can run any HO scale racing car.  This means that you can run Lifelike, Tyco, and Wizzard cars on your Tomy track.

(Individual Pieces in the set)

Track Contents


Part Description:

2  15" Terminal Track
12 15" Straight Track
2 9" Straight Track
8 6" Straight Track
6 3" Straight Track
1 15" R, 1/8 Curve Track

12" R, 1/8 Curve Track

12 9" R, 1/4 Curve Track
9 9" R, 1/8 Curve Track
28 6" R, 1/8 Curve Track
20 Guard Rails
6 Bridge Supports
Super G+ F1 Cars
4 Hand Controller
2 Power Pack
4 Body Mount
1 Lane Marker Sticker Sheet

(1 of 17 different 4 lane layouts)

(Their are 4 F1 cars included in this set)

The cars included in this set are Tomy AFX Super G+ cars.  These cars have strong magnets and also offer adjustable timing.  These cars are great for the beginner and for experienced racers. These cars can be easily upgraded or can be races stock.

(Easy Click Together Track)

The track that is offered in this set fits together very well.  When you put this set together you will have to snap the track together like above.  The track has teeth that you push together for a secure lock.  The surface will have a very smooth finish when you are finish snapping the track together.  This track also comes apart as well as it goes together.  This way you can change your layout if you want it to look different or if you want to add track to it.


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