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4/24/99 I32 Slot Car Championship Enduro Race Results:

International 32 Slot Car Championship 1 Hour Enduro
slot car

On April 24, 1999, North Coast Performance Hobbies held its 5th year anniversary slot car race entitled the International 32 slot car Championship 1 Hour slot car  Enduro. The first place prize for this slot car race was $100.00 cash. After much anticipation the NCP 5th anniversary Parma International 32 Slot Car Enduro finally became a reality. We drew participants from Michigan and Ohio for what turned out to be a great slot car event. The racing was close, the gears were gone, and everyone left with a smile on their face.

slot car

The weapon to do battle with was the Parma International 32 slot car chassis with a Pla-Fit #8631 Cheetah 80% motor. This combination evened out the horsepower advantage. All of the slot cars were constructed in the same way as the custom built version that we sell world wide. Gears, Gears, Gears; these guys tried to run NCP out of gears while trying to get the fastest lap time with various combinations.


In this race we did not allow magnets or lead in the slot cars, and the racers were not aloud to modify the slot cars in any way. The only spur gear allowed in this race were the Parma PSE Pink Spur ones. We handed out the motors 3 hours before the race began. The slot car motors were numbered and dyed to ensure the closest racing possible.

The track that we raced on was our antique 135 foot American Hillclimb slot car track. Our track is complete with over and under bridges and a constant 14 volts of power. Our slot car track features magnatech braid that is slightly recessed with 4 power taps. One lap around our track offers a long straight away, a trip over or under a bridge, another straight, and a climb up to the top section where the lanes cross over each other one more time. Where else can the Red and the Black lane race side by side part of every lap?
slot car

The Race:
The slot car race consisted of each driver running all eight of the lanes for 7 1/2 minutes in a round robin format. During this race we had 7 different lead changes by the slot car racers. Otis Young had the highest average lap total of 76.4 laps per lane.

slot car


slot car

slot car

slot car

Slot Car Concourse:
Our slot car concourse winner of the day was Brad Gilbert. He entered the race with a Panoz slot car body that looked great. (I wish he would spend that much time on the bodies that he paints for us!) He took the time to paint the driver and interior to match the colors of the slot car body. His award for the best looking body was his choice of any three clear bodies. Great job Brad!!!

slot car

slot car


The Slot Car Race Winners:
slot car
The Final 4:
After the last heat the results were totaled and Otis Young was declared the slot car race winner(pictured middle right). He took home the 1st place prize of $100.00, a trophy, and a plaque. In second place was Rob Steinfurth(pictured right), third place was Greg VanPeenan(pictured middle-left), and in fourth place was Jamie Nelson(pictured left). Congratulations on your victories!!!

Official Slot Car Race Results:




Total Laps:


Otis Young

Sylvainia, OH



Rob Stienfurth

Toledo, OH



Greg VanPeenan

Lansing, MI



Jamie Nelson

Woodville, OH



Bill Peabody

Sandusky, OH



Brad Gilbert

Rocky Ridge, OH



Andy Toth

Toledo, OH



Bill Jones

Toledo, OH



JC Spino

Oak Harbor, OH



John Humberger

Elmore, OH



Bob Sondergeld

Oak Harbor, OH



Nate Wahl

Oak Harbor, OH



Sarah Flotka

Lansing, MI



Rob Mason

Toledo, OH



Greg Raugh

Oak Harbor, OH



Ben Wahl

Oak Harbor, OH



Jim Boster

Marblehead, OH



Bob Flotka

Lansing, MI


Donation of Drawing Prizes:
We would especially like to thank Bob Flotka, manufacturer of WFO King Race Motors for donating one of his super Parma creations. This motor was won by Bill Jones of Toledo, OH.

We would also like to thank REH Distributing for donating enough race prizes that all the entrants got a choice of two of the prizes.

We would like to thank all of the entrants and the people that helped make our 5 year anniversary race come together. I hope that you all had fun and I hope to see all of you at next months slot car enduro. Next months enduro will be held on 5/22/99. This race will be a 2 man team race with 1/24 scale GTP cars. This race will be a 2 hour slot car enduro with 15 minute lanes. We hope to see you all there.



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