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GTP 2 Hour Slot Car Enduro Results:

slot car
(The top 3 slot car teams)

On May 22, 1999, North Coast Performance Hobbies held a 2 hour slot car enduro. This slot car race started a 6:00 P.M. and had contestants from Ohio and Michigan. There were 8 slot cars entered in this race with teams of 2 people per car. Each slot car driver had to run at least 4 of the lanes while their team mate put on cars.

slot car

In this race we raced GTP slot cars with Parma Super 16D Sealed motors. The motors for the slot cars were handed out before the race so that we could ensure the closest racing action possible. This was a 2 hour slot car enduro so each team raced each of the 8 lanes for 15 minutes. The staff at North Coast took care of the slot car  lane stickers and lane changes for the cars. The drivers were only aloud to work on their cars during the green flag.

The Race:
At approximately 6:15 P.M. the slot cars were lined up on the track and the drivers took the drivers stand for the first 15 minute segment of the slot car enduro. The first heat in this race turned out to be a very clean heat. Team A & J (Adam Buchanan & Jim Boster) took the lead after this lane with 164 laps on yellow. Heat number two changed the standings around a little bit as Team O & Bob (Bob Flotka & Otis Young) took over the lead in the blue lane with 318 laps. This slot car team held onto the lead all the way until the 8th, and final, lane of the race. Going into this lane O & Bob were in first with 1136 laps, Team J & J (Jamie Nelson & John Humberger) was in second place with 1136 laps, and Team R & B (Rob Steinfurth & Brand Gilbert) were in third with 1131 laps.

The eighth lane of this slot car race was a very heated lane with the top 4 teams racing on the Orange, Green, White, and Red lanes. In this heat the slot cars smashed into each other as the top 4 teams battled for first position in the race as the computer counted the last few laps of the race.

When the computer turned the track off and the race was over Team J & J was declared the slot car race winner with 1293 laps, O & Bob were in second with 1284 laps, and Team R & B claimed the third place spot with 1281 laps. slot car  

(Rob Steinfurth & JC Spino Race for the Corner)
slot car  

(John Humber Races to Put a Slot Car Back on the track)

slot car 

(Bob Flotka & Brad Gilbert wait for the Slot Cars to Fall off.)

The Winners:
slot car
(Jamie & John with their Trophy)
slot car
(The Winning Car)

The Winners:
The winners of this slot car race were Jamie Nelson and John Humberger, both of Elmore, Ohio. (Jamie Pictured Left & John Pictured Right) Their prize for winning this race was $100.00 Cash and a trophy and plaque. Jamie and John donated their $100.00 cash prize to sponsor the June slot car enduro. This is a showing of true sportsmanship. Our hats off to these guys.

Official Slot Car Race Results:


Team Name:

Drivers Names:

Total Laps:


J & J

John Humberger




Jamie Nelson



O & Bob

Otis Young




Bob Flotka



R & B

Rob Steinfurth




Brad Gilbert



Team X

Rob Mason




Bill Pebody




JC Spino




Cory Spino



G & E

Ellis Raugh




Greg Raugh



A & J

Jim Boster




Adam Buchanan




Sarah Flotka


Donation of Slot Car Drawing Prizes:
We would especially like to thank Bob Flotka, manufacturer of WFO King Race Motors for donating one of his super Parma creations. This slot car motor was won by Greg Raugh of Oak Harbor, OH.

We would like to thank all of the slot car entrants and the people that helped make this race a success. I hope that you all had fun and I hope to see you at our next race. This race will be held on 6/6/99 at 9:00 A.M. We will be racing I32 Cars. This race will be immediately followed by a trip to the MID-OHIO Sports Car Course (real cars) for the Trans-Am & Can Am Race. The prize for this race will be a paid ticket to Mid-Ohio race that afternoon. We hope to see you all there.


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