1/32 Slot Car Store

1/32 Slot Cars:
1/32 slot cars are very detailed plastic electric cars that run on a plastic track that you design. These cars are 5 to 7 inches long. Click Here to learn more about this exciting family hobby.

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1/32 Slot Car Race Sets

1/32 Slot Car Ready To Run (RTR) Cars

1/32 Slot Car Clearance

1/32 Chassis (1/32 Slot Cars)

BSP Chassis
Champion Chassis
Dubick Chassis
ESR Chassis
Horky Chassis
JK Chassis
Mack Chassis
Parma Chassis
Protrack Chassis

1/32 Slot Car Tools

Presses & Pullers
Setup Blocks
Soldering Irons

American Line (1/32 Slot Cars)

American Line Parts
American Line Track Tape

Auto Art (1/32 Slot Cars)

Auto Art Cars
Auto Art Parts
Bachman (1/32 Slot Cars)

Bachman Cars
Bachman Bodies
Bachman Parts
Bachman Track

Barcelona (1/32 Slot Cars)

Barcelona Cars
BUM (1/32 Slot Cars)

BUM Cars
BUM Chassis
Carrera (1/32 Slot Cars)

Carrera Race Sets
Carrera Cars (1/32)
Carrera Cars (1/24)
Carrera Track (1/32)
Carrera Controllers (1/32 & 1/24)
Carrera Accessories (1/32)
Carrera Accessories (1/24)
Carrera Axles (1/32)
Carrera Axles (1/24)
Carrera Tires (1/32)
Carrera Tires (1/24)
Carrera Motors (1/32)
Carrera Parts (1/24)

Carrera Digital (1/32 Slot Cars)

Carrera Race Sets (1/32)
Carrera Race Sets (1/24)
Carrera Cars (1/32)
Carrera Cars (1/24)
Carrera Track
Carrera Accessories

Cartrix (1/32 Slot Cars)

Cartrix Cars
Cartrix Electrical
Cartrix Motors
Cartrix Parts
Cartrix Shafts
Cartrix Tires
Cartrix Wheels
Cartrix Accessories

Clear Bodies (1/32 Slot Cars)

Betta Clear Bodies
Booth Clear Bodies
Champion Clear Bodies
EIEIO Clear Bodies
JK Clear Bodies
Lancer Clear Bodies
Outisight Clear Bodies
Parma Clear Bodies
Red Fox Clear Bodies
Rhino Clear Bodies
Vintage Clear Bodies

Club Racing (1/32 Slot Cars)

Club Bodies
Club Braid
Club Chassis
Club Decals
Club Front Tires
Club Rear Tires
Concours (1/32 Slot Cars)

Concours Accessories
Concours Figures
Controllers (1/32 Slot Cars)

Difalco Controllers
Jaygee Controllers
Parma Controllers

DS Electric (1/32 Slot Cars)

DS Electric Lap Counters
DS Electric Sensors
DS Electric Stickers
DS Electric Track
Fly (1/32 Slot Cars)

Fly Cars
Fly GB Cars
Fly Controllers
Fly Parts
Fly Promotional

FlySlot (1/32 Slot Cars)

FlySlot Cars
Indy Grips (1/32 Slot Cars)

Indy Grip Tires

Jel Claw (1/32 Slot Cars)

Jel Claw Tires
LeMans (1/32 Slot Cars)

LeMans Cars

MB Slot (1/32 Slot Cars)

MB Slot Axles
MB Slot Bearings
MB Slot Controller Parts
MB Slot Gears
MB Slot Motors
MB Slot Screws
MB Slot Spacers
MB Slot Springs
MB Slot Tires
MB Slot Miscellaneous

Monogram (1/32 Slot Cars)

Monogram Cars
Monogram Parts
Motors (1/32 Slot Cars)

JK Motors
Plafit Motors
MRRC (1/32 Slot Cars)

MRRC Accessories
MRRC Motors
MRRC Parts

Ninco (1/32 Slot Cars)

Ninco Race Sets
Ninco Cars
Ninco Track
Ninco Axles
Ninco Chassis
Ninco Controllers
Ninco Motors
Ninco Parts
Nicno Tires
NSR (1/32 Slot Cars)

NSR Cars
NSR Axle Kits
NSR Chassis Parts
NSR Gears
NSR Motors
NSR Tires
NSR Tools
NSR Wheels

Other RTR Cars (1/32 Slot Cars)

Champion RTR Cars
Parma RTR Cars

Overdrive (1/32 Slot Cars)

Overdrive Lights
Painted Bodies (1/32 Slot Cars)

Champion Painted Bodies
JK Painted Bodies
Kalhoza Painted Bodies
Parma Painted Bodies
Pink-Kar (1/32 Slot Cars)

Pink-Kar Cars
Pink-Kar Decals
Pink-Kar Eurohobby
Pink-Kar Parts

Power Slot (1/32 Slot Cars)

Power Slot Cars
Power Slot Parts
Proslot (1/32 Slot Cars)

Proslot Motors
Proslot Parts

Proteus (1/32 Slot Cars)

Proteus Parts
Reprotech (1/32 Slot Cars)

Reprotech Cars
Reprotech Parts

Riggen (1/32 Slot Cars)

Riggen Cars
Riggen Track
Riggen Bodies
Riggen Parts
Riggen Scenery

Road Huggers (1/32 Slot Cars)

Road Huggers Carrera Tires
Road Huggers Fly Tires
Road Huggers Scalextric Tires
Road Huggers Slot It Tires
Scalextric (1/32 Slot Cars)

Scalextric Race Sets
Scalextric Cars
Scalextric Track
Scalextric Accessories
Scalextric Parts
Scalextric Tires

Scalextric Digital (1/32 Slot Cars)

Scalextric Digital Race Sets
Scalextric Digital Accessories
Scalextric Digital Sport (1/32 Slot Cars)

Scalextric Digital Sport Race Sets
Scalextric Digital Sport Track
SCX (1/32 Slot Cars)

SCX Race Sets
SCX Cars
SCX Track
SCX Figures
SCX Parts

SCX Digital (1/32 Slot Cars)

SCX (DS) Race Sets
SCX (DS) Cars
SCX (DS) Track
SCX (DS) Parts

Sideways (1/32 Slot Cars)

Cars (1/32 Sideways)
Figures (1/32 Sideways)
Parts (1/32 Sideways)
Tires (1/32 Sideways)

Slot It (1/32 Slot Cars)

Slot It Cars
Slot It Starter Sets
Slot It Chassis
Slot It Gears
Slot It Motors
Slot It Parts
Slot It Tools
Slot It Wheels

Slot Sports (1/32 Slot Cars)

Slot Sports Parts
Slot Sports Tires
Sloter (1/32 Slot Cars)

Sloter Cars
Sloter Parts
Spirit (1/32 Slot Cars)

Spirit Cars
Spirit Accessories

Sprint Plus (1/32 Slot Cars)

Sprint Plus Kits
Sprint Plus Accessories
Sprint Plus Bodies

SRC (1/32 Slot Cars)

Cars (1/32 SRC)
Starter Set (1/32 Slot Cars)

Parma Starter Sets

Strombecker (1/32 Slot Cars)

Strombecker Cars
Strombecker Parts
Strombecker Track
Super Tires (1/32 Slot Cars)

Super Tires

Team Slot (1/32 Slot Cars)

Team Slot Cars
Team Slot Bodies
Team Slot Decals
Team Slot Parts

TSRF (1/32 Slot Cars)

TSRF Accessories
TSRF Chassis

UltraCal (1/32 Slot Cars)

UltraCal Decals
Wheels Etc (1/32 Slot Cars)

Wheels Etc Wheels
Carrying Boxes (1/32 Slot Cars)

Carrying Boxes

Pro Slot -PS-4002B - Euro Mk1 Motor W/ American Made Puppy Dog Armature (Slot Cars)
79 turns of 31 gauge and 25 timing as used in the retro can am racing
Pro Slot - PS-4000 - Euro Mk1 Motor (Slot Cars)
Designed for 1/32 and 1/24 scale Home, club and commercial racing(perfect for...
Pro Slot - PS-4001 - Euro Mk1 Motor 37,000 +Rpm (Slot Cars)
37,000 +RPM and Standard with 60 degree springs. Perfect for Rental cars and...
Pro Slot - PS4002 - Euro Mk1 Motor 47,000 +Rpm (Slot Cars)
47,000 +RPM and Standard with 60 degree springs. Perfect for Rental cars and...
Professor Motor - Heat Sink (Slot Cars)
This heat sink is for use with the silver series with variable sensitivity.
Professor Motor - Low Cost Variable Sensitivity System (Slot Cars)
This is for use with the Silver Series controller.
Professor Motor - Variable Sensitivity System (Slot Cars)
This is for use with any Silver Series controller
Spring Pivot Bushing for Trigger (Slot Cars)
Package of 10 pcs., helps to prevent spring pivot related Boink noise.
Professor Motor - Internal Hardware Kit (Slot Cars)
Stainless Steel bolts, nuts,& trigger pivot
Professor Motor - Polarity Switch (Slot Cars)
This switch allows for operation on negative polarity tracks.
Professor Motor - Variable Sensitivity System (Slot Cars)
This system is for the use with any Plus Series controller