Aquacraft - Alligator Tours Airboat RTR (R/C Boats)

Aquacraft - Alligator Tours Airboat RTR (R/C Boats)
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Price: $299.99
Product ID : AQUB29



This is the glow powered, radio controlled, ready to run Alligator Tours Airboat from AquaCraft Models.

Hull: Painted fiberglass with molded-in strakes
Air Rudders: Constructed of fiberglass, large size for the same smooth responsive turning found on full-size boats
Engine: SuperTigre .27 with remote mounted high speed needle valve,
engine runs on airplane fuel with 10-15% nitro content, no special glow plugs or high nitro fuel needed, see COMMENTS
Exhaust: Vertically mounted AquaCraft muffler
Radio: Tactic TTX205 2-channel 27MHz AM with adjustable trim and dual
rate, 2-channel receiver and two TSX 200 standard servos
Propeller: APC 9x6 pusher, composite construction
Propeller Cage: Welded steel
Fuel Tank: 6.1oz (180cc)
RTR Alligator Tours Airboat with engine, muffler, radio, 9x6 pusher
prop, decals, printed manual and instructional and tuning DVD
Glow Fuel: 10-15% nitro airplane fuel
Electric Starter: To start engine-starter also requires 12V power
source such as hobby battery, power supply or automobile battery
AA Batteries: 12 for radio
Fuel bottle and shore equipment
Length: 30"(770mm)
Beam: 11.25" (285mm)
Height: 14"(355mm)
Weight: 6lb 5oz (2.86kg)
Factory Settings for Carburetor: High Speed Needle 2-1/2 turns out
 Low Speed Needle 1 turn out
Spray Bar; Fuel nipple aligned with lowest cooling fin on engine
(20° counterclockwise)
For best engine performance, avoid using fuel formulated for R/C boat
or car use.