Thunder Tiger - R/C Helicopter, Raptor 90G4 Nitro Flybarless, Kit (R/C Helicopters)

Thunder Tiger - R/C Helicopter, Raptor 90G4 Nitro Flybarless, Kit (R/C Helicopters) TTRE0098
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Price: $1,199.99
Product ID : TTRE0098



This is the radio controlled, glow powered, flybarless
Raptor 90G4 Helicopter Kit.
Designed by Shigetada Taya, FAI World Champion.
For Intermediate to Advanced RC Heli Pilots.
Control System: 135/140° Collective Cyclic Pitch Mixing (CCPM),
+/-15° collective pitch range, adjustable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio
can be set for F3C or 3D
Main Frame: 0.08" (2mm) thick carbon
Rotor Head: All metal, flybarless with 3-axis stabilization system
Drive System: Torque tube for 100% power transfer and crisp tail
rotor response
Main Shaft: 15mm diameter hardened steel, hollow design
Tail Boom: Carbon with carbon support and one-piece metal bracket
Tail Rotor System: All metal, heavy duty with rotor rod guide and
heavy duty helical bevel tail gears
Tail Case: One-piece machined metal
Tail Blades: Carbon, 4.1" (105mm) in length
Canopy: FRP, preprinted yellow in color
Main Gear: Lightweight and vented heavy duty 17mm helical
Fuel Tank: Main 22oz (650cc), Header Tank 2.02oz (60cc)
Landing Gear: Nylon with aluminum skids
Flybarless Raptor 90G4 Helicopter Kit with FRP Canopy, Main and
Header Tanks, Tail Boom and Instruction Manual
Engine: .90 helicopter
Radio: At least 6-channel with receiver battery
Gyro: Flybarless 3 axis
Main Blades: 690mm or 710mm carbon fiber
Fuel: Heli blend, 15-30%
Engine Starter: Electric starter with extended 6mm starting tool
Tools and field equipment
Fuselage Length: 53.3" (1354mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 62.4" (1584mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 11" (280mm)
Weight (Fully Equipped): 9.7lb (4400g)
Height: 16.9" (430mm)
Gear Ratio: 1:7.92: 4.67 (fixed ratio)