Thunder Tiger - R/C Helicopter, Raptor 90G4 E720 Electric, Kit (R/C Helicopters)

Thunder Tiger - R/C Helicopter, Raptor 90G4 E720 Electric, Kit (R/C Helicopters) TTRE0093
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Price: $1,199.99
Product ID : TTRE0093



This is the radio controlled, electric powered, flybar version
Raptor 90G4 E720 Helicopter Kit.
Designed by Shigetada Taya, FAI World Champion.
For Intermediate to Advanced RC Heli Pilots.
Control System: 135/140° Collective Cyclic Pitch Mixing (CCPM),
+/-15° collective pitch range, adjustable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio
can be set for F3C or 3D
Main Frame: 0.08" (2mm) thick carbon
Rotor Head: All metal
Drive System: Torque tube for 100% power transfer and crisp tail
rotor response
Motor Mount: Adjustable, top mounted motor placement for better
center of gravity, adjustable pinion bearing block
Main Shaft: 15mm diameter hardened steel, hollow design
Tail Boom: Carbon with carbon support and one-piece metal bracket,
bottom mounted ESC on tail bracket for efficient heat dissipation
and easy maintenance
Tail Rotor System: All metal, heavy duty with rotor rod guide and
heavy duty helical bevel tail gears
Tail Case: One-piece machined metal
Tail Blades: Carbon, 4.1" (105mm) in length
Canopy: FRP, preprinted red in color
Main Gear: Lightweight and vented heavy duty 17mm helical
Landing Gear: Nylon with aluminum skids
Flybarless Raptor 90G4 E720 Helicopter Kit with FRP Canopy, Tail Boom
Motor Mount, Quick Release Battery Tray, Flybar and Instruction
Motor: Brushless, 470 - 520kV, 450 - 470kV, Scorpion brand or Steve
Neu 1912 520kv motor recommended (neither brand carried)
Pinion Gear: 12T (w/470 - 520kV motor) 13T (w/450 -470kV motor)
Radio: At least 6-channel with receiver battery
Gyro: Heading hold
Battery: 12S (6S x 2) 5000 - 6000mAh at least 25C
Battery Charger: LiPo compatible
ESC 80 - 120A
Main Blades: 690mm or 710mm carbon fiber
Tools and field equipment
Fuselage Length: 53.3" (1354mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 63" (1604mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 11" (280mm)
Weight (Fully Equipped): 8.27lb (3750g)
Height: 16.9" (430mm)
Main Rotor Length: 27.2 - 28.3" (690 - 720mm)
Tail Rotor Length: 4.1" (105mm)
Main Gear/Pinion: 111/11T standard, (12 or 13 optional)
Gear Ratio: 1:10.09:4.67 standard