Great Planes - GPMA0963 - Goldberg Anniversary Cub .40-.61 Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Great Planes - Goldberg Anniversary Cub .40-.61 Kit (R/C Airplanes) GPMA0963
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Price: $136.98
Product ID : GPMA0963
Manufacturer: Great Planes



The Anniversary Edition J-3 Cub is a beautiful replica of the original 1935 
model and is full of performance possibilities. This is a nice second or third
airplane kit after a beginner learns to build and fly trainer airplanes.      
FEATURES: All Balsa and Plywood Construction                                  
          One-Piece Wing Design                                               
INCLUDES: All Balsa and Plywood to complete the kit, Clear Windshield and     
            Side Windows, Detailed Cowl and Engine, Glass-Filled Nylon Engine 
            Mount, Cub and Identification Number Decals, Photo-Illustrated    
            Instruction Manual, Full-Sized Plans, Fiberglass Tape, Wire Landing
            Gear, Tailwheel Assembly and Hardware Bag.                        
REQUIRES: Engine: .40-.61 (2-stroke) or .40-.90 (4-stroke)                    
          Radio:  4 Channel (ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle)            
          Servos: 4 Standard                                                  
          Covering: Two 6' Rolls                                              
          Misc. Items: 10oz Fuel Tank, Fuel Tubing, #64 Rubber Bands,         
            one pair of 3¼" of Treaded Wheels, one 1¼" Smooth Contour Wheel,  
            assorted Building and Field Equipment.                            
SPECS:    Wingspan:  76.5"         Clipped Wing Cub: 67.5"                    
          Wing Area: 744 sq in     Clipped Wing Cub: 648 sq in                
          Wing Loading: 21.70 oz/sq ft (unclipped)                            
          Flying Weight:  7-7.5lbs                                            
          Airfoil: Clark-Y; High-Wing                                         
          Fuselage Length: 48"