Great Planes - GPMA0240 - Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit (R/C Airplanes)

Great Planes - Ultimate Biplane .40 Size Kit (R/C Airplanes) GPMA0240
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Price: $199.98
Product ID : GPMA0240
Manufacturer: Great Planes



The Great Planes Ultimate 40 Bipe is Capable of Outrageous Stunts, But Also 
            Shows a Docile Side a Sport Pilot Can Enjoy.                      
FEATURES: Constructed of die-cut balsa and plywood                            
          Plug-in struts and pre-bent aluminum cabanes                        
          Fully-symmetrical airfoil, removable wings                          
          ABS cowl and wheel pants are precision-formed for scale appearance  
INCLUDES: Aluminum landing gear, clear canopy, ABS cowl and wheel pants,      
            adjustable nylon engine mount, hardware package, rolled plans,    
            instructions, and all balsa and plywood to build the kit.         
SPECS:    Wingspan: 43.375"   Wing Area: 742 sq in     Length: 47.75"         
          Wing Loading: 17-20oz/sq ft      Weight: 5.5-6.5lbs                 
          CG: 2-3/8" back on lower wing with model suspended inverted         
          Throws:  Elev  5/8" hi 7/16" low  Rudder 1¼"                        
                   Aileron ¼" hi 3/16" low                                    
REQUIRES: 4-channel radio with 4 servos                                       
          .40-.46 (2-stroke) or .48-.70 (4-stroke) engine                     
          In-cowl muffler (not required, but strongly suggested)              
          10oz fuel tank and fuel tubing                                      
          2½" spinner                                                         
          2¼" main wheels and  1" tailwheel                                   
          Building and starting equipment                                     
          3 rolls of covering and paint (for cowl and wheel pants)            
COMMENTS: DECALS: (1) ULT4D01 and (1) ULT4D02 are only available from Great   
                  Planes Manufacturing.                                       
            ULT4D01--(2) 9" L x  3" H Red and Black Ultimate logo             
                     (2) 3" L x  ¾" H White, Red and Black GREAT PLANES logo  
                     (2) ¾" L X  ¾" H White, Red and Black GPAT logo          
                     (2) 3" L x 2¼" H White, Red and Black GPAT (Great Planes 
                         Aerobatic Team) logo.                                
            ULT4D02--(1) 18½" L x 6¼" H Black and White Ultimate logo