Professor Motor (HO Slot Cars)

Professor Motor - "Club Racer Gold" Model Electronic Slot Racing Controller (Slot Cars)
Includes variable sensitivity, internal aluminum heat sink, heavy 13 gage...
Professor Motor - Heat Sink (Slot Cars)
This heat sink is for use with the silver series with variable sensitivity.
Professor Motor - Low Cost Variable Sensitivity System (Slot Cars)
This is for use with the Silver Series controller.
Spring Pivot Bushing for Trigger (Slot Cars)
Package of 10 pcs., helps to prevent spring pivot related Boink noise.
Professor Motor - Internal Hardware Kit (Slot Cars)
Stainless Steel bolts, nuts,& trigger pivot
Professor Motor - Polarity Switch (Slot Cars)
This switch allows for operation on negative polarity tracks.
Professor Motor - Variable Sensitivity System (Slot Cars)
This system is for the use with any Plus Series controller
Professor Motor - Controller Wiper Arm (Slot Cars)
Special Spring Tempered Alloy.