Koford (1/24 RTR Cars)

Koford - Complete Funny Car RTR (Slot Cars)
Complete funny car with CNC billet can 6 mag drag motor and aluminum chassis....
Koford - KOFM457A - USRA Legal Box Stock Group 12 RTR Car (Slot Cars)
This is a ready to run 1/24 slot car. USRA legal Stock 12 car with the Koford...
Koford - Group 27 EDM RTR Slot Car (Slot Cars)
G27 car with EDM chassis and tires for glue racing.
Koford - Group 27 Spray Glue EDM RTR Slot Car (Slot Cars)
Spray glue G27 car with EDM chassis and treated fish tires.
Koford - Group 20 RTR Slot Car (Slot Cars)
G20 RTR car. Koford spring steel chassis and high performance Pro components...
Koford - Group 27 Light RTR Slot Car (Slot Cars)
Premium G27 light car with World's winning M610A chassis, CNC can, 27L...