Difalco (1/32 Controllers)

Difalco - Brake Bypass Switch Kit, 1/32 Controllers (Slot Cars)
Brake bypass switch kit. On-off-momentary switch can be added to the...
Difalco - E Motion 2 Fanatic Controller, 15 Band, Positive Polarity (Slot Cars)
Positive polarity. Our top of the line 1/32 controller with our exclusive...
Difalco - HD30 Upgrade PCB, Convert DD300/DD301 to 30 Band Design (Slot Cars)
HD30 Upgrade PCB: Convert your DD300 or DD301 15 band 1/32 controller to our...
Difalco - E Motion 3 HD30 Controller (Slot Cars)
29 band wiper block for superior speed control. Wide range sensitivity...
Difalco - DD262 - Standard Resistor Network for "E" Motion Control, 290 OHM (Slot Cars)
Standard Resistor Network. 290 ohm, very slow response for H.O. and all 1/32...
Difalco - E Motion 2 Pro Plus Controller, 15 Band, Positive Polarity (Slot Cars)
15 band wiper block for speed control. Wide range sensitivity controls 1/32...