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"Space Shuttle"

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Original message

Mark Click to Email MarkClick to check IP address of the poster 15-Dec-00, 08:43 AM (EST)
"Space Shuttle"
A long long time ago, Estes made a space shuttle kit that included the booster tanks as well as the shuttle itself. I believe that the engine(s) were placed in the booster tank(s) as well as the parachute. After the rocket reached its highest altitude, the shuttle separated and glided back to earth while the parachute deployed for booster tank recovery. I am looking for a space shuttle for my nephew and can only find the current starter kit for the space shuttle by estes. He has everything needed so a starter kit would be a waste. Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a space shuttle that is NOT part of a kit that includes the pad and launcher?

Thanks for any help,


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RE: Space Shuttle, David, 27-May-04, (1)

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David Click to Email DavidClick to check IP address of the poster 27-May-04, 02:56 PM (EST)
1. "RE: Space Shuttle"
Good Luck, I've been searching for one of these for years.
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