Controllers (HO Slot Cars)

Difalco - DD525-15CL - Clearance - "E"Motion HO Fanatic Controller (Slot Cars)
An individual adjustment pot on each band is used to instantly change the...
Difalco - DD500 - HO Pro Controller (Slot Cars)
New low cost controller features 15 band fixed resistor design like the...
Difalco - DD554-HD30 - HD30 Upgrade PCB, Convert DD520/DD530 to 30 Band Design (Slot Cars)
HD30 Upgrade PCB: (This upgrade kit is for any model with a choke) Convert...
Difalco - Fanatic Upgrade Pots (Slot Cars)
Fanatic Upgrade Pots. Kit includes 15) 20 ohm Fanatic pots to convert your 15...
Difalco - HD30 Upgrade PCB, Convert DD300/DD301 to 30 Band Design (Slot Cars)
HD30 Upgrade PCB: Convert your DD300 or DD301 15 band 1/32 controller to our...
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