Cidex (1/24 Controller Accessories)

Cidex - Omni In-Line Brake System Fuse (Slot Cars)
This is an In-Line fuse holder and fuse ideal for installation in red brake...
Cidex - Omni X-Troll/Flex 18 Guage Pre-cut Wire Set (Slot Cars)
Complete set of 18 gauge, 413 strand, super flexible, silicone insulated...
Cidex - Omni X-Troll/Flex Fuses (Slot Cars)
10 amp automotive style fuses used in all X-TROLL and FLEX controllers. They...
Cidex - Omni X-Troll/Flex Round Break Diode (Slot Cars)
This is the type of diode used in the first 2nd through 4th positions of the...
Cidex - Monster Heat Sinks (Slot Cars)
Oversized heat sinks for the OMNI TURBO, like those used in the OMNI euro, to...
Cidex - Omni Stick Additional Heat Sink (Slot Cars)
This is an additional heat sink that can be added to the OMNI STICK (CI-17 or...