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How To Mount A Slot Car Body:

Just mounted that new body to your flexi and try as you might, one side or the other still drags or is too high? I use full width brass pin tubing with straight pins on all my flexi's for reliability and at each end of the tubing where it goes into the mounting holes I solder the tube in place on both sides. Then I flush cut the tubing to the chassis width.

To allow for adjusting the body before soldering, take a small rat tail file and open up each chassis body mount hole to a oval vertical shape. Just about 1/16th total elongation of the hole is fine. Then solder both sides of the pin tubing to to frame in the mid position. Then mount your unpainted but trimmed body the best way) to the chassis and pin it with 5/8" long straight pins. Get the thickest pins you can find. Put a couple of opposite bends in the pins to lock them in place once installed.

Now check your body mounting job out on a good check block. Still have one side or end too low or too high? Ok now see how much you have to move the body to make it clear etc. Remove the body and take that pin tube end and raise or lower it by heating the solder and moving it up or down the needed distance and let the solder cool in position. Now put the body back on and it should be right where you wanted it. If your holes need to be longer don't do it, just punch a new body mount hole in the body. Now paint that bugger up and go racing

Larry Shephard

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