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Getting Started in 1/64 Slot Car Racing:

(Tomy AFX International 4 Lane HO Scale Race Set)

Welcome! In this section of our web site we are going to introduce you to the exciting hobby of 1/64 slot car racing.  HO slot car racing is a very exciting and fun activity that you can enjoy by yourself or with your entire family.  This hobby offers realistic racing action with cars that look like real race cars from the past and present.  HO slot cars are smaller then other scales of slot cars but that does not inhibit their speed.  These cars are fast and handle very well because of the strong magnets in the cars.  HO scale slot cars have the advantage that you can set up a very large race set in a small area.  These cars are also very easily upgradeable.  HO slot car racing is the least expensive of all the slot car sizes and is a very enjoyable and exciting hobby to get involved in.

What do you need to get started? Getting started in 1/64 slot car racing is very easy and inexpensive.  All of the sets that we offer come complete and ready to assemble and race.  When you purchase a set from our company you will receive everything that you need to get started.  Add an additional half hour of time and you are off and racing.  You can purchase a complete HO slot car set starting at well under $50.00.  This can be the end of your investment in HO slot cars unless you decide to add additional track and cars to your layout.   You can later expand your HO scale slot car track in to a 4, 6, or 8 lane track depending on what track you have and the space you have to expand.

How Involved can you get? Like any hobby you can get as involved as you like.  In HO slot car racing you are able to upgrade the cars with better tires, motors, gears, or even build your own cars from kits.  You are also able to get high performance race cars and parts from companies such as Wizzard and BSRT.   You can also expand your track layout by purchasing additional track pieces and accessories.  HO scale slot car track comes in two lane sections that vary in length.  You are able to make a 4 or 6 lane track by setting these pieces of track beside each other and using different radius curves.  There are tons of extra track pieces that you can use to expand any of the HO scale  slot car tracks we offer.  You are able to expand your track to any length, any size, and you can make your track up to six or eight lanes wide with certain types of track.  There is also advanced timing and counting accessories available so that you can time and race your cars.  

It is important to remember that any HO scale slot car will run on any HO scale slot car track.  We receive a lot of questions about this so we thought that we would mention it.  This means that you can run Tyco, Tomy, AFX, Lifelike, Wizzard, BSRT, or any of the other cars on any type of HO scale slot car track that we offer.  This expands the selection of Ho scale cars that you can get and run on your HO scale slot car track.  Many people also mount their tracks on a board and may make a layout along with a train or scenery.  You are only limited by your imagination.

This hobby is not just for kids.  HO scale slot car racing also has many regional and national racing series that you can get involved in.  These racing series are all across the country and you can contact us for more details or if you would like to find an organization or race in your area.  Kids may like these cars as toys but many adults collect and race these cars on a professional level.

What track is the best? This is a question of much debate from all people in the HO slot car racing hobby.  All of the track we sell is high quality and the only major difference between the different types of track is how the track connects together.  It is also important to remember that you can purchase adapter tracks that will allow you to connect Tomy, Tyco/Mattel , and Lifelike track together.  This means that no matter what track you purchase you can still run other track if you purchase the adaptor track pieces.  


--- Tomy/AFX Slot Car Track ---


--- Tyco/Mattel Slot Car Track ---

---Lifelike Slot Car Track ---


I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this section on HO slot car racing.  Remember that all of the 1/64 slot car sets that we offer are 100% complete, you do not need anything else to run them.  HO slot car racing is an exciting hobby and we hope you are a little more educated on the topic.  If you have any other questions please feel free to email us or give us a call at (419)898-2333.  Shipping is free on all orders over $75.00 so most of the HO slot car sets we offer will be free of shipping in the USA and actual cost for shipping on all foreign orders.

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